Dry Creek Peach and Produce

We visited Dry Creek Peach and Produce in Healdsburg for the first time. The drive from Santa Rosa is beautiful as you travel up the 101 through Healdsburg. Upon entering the  Alexander Valley the scenery is really breathtaking, exiting the freeway just past Geyserville, take a left turn and you will enter the Dry Creek Valley.
Dry Creek Peach and Produce is one of the last remaining peach farms in Northern California. The farm is certified organic and sells 30 varieties of white and yellow peaches plus nectarines, plums and seasonal produce. The farm has been owned by Gayle and Brian Sullivan since 2000.
It is really a charming farm to visit. The parking area is basically their driveway. They have converted an area off their garage into the farm stand. A beautiful entrance to the store is covered with flowering begonias and a grapevine growing up and over the door. As this is grape season and the harvest is nearly upon us, this little grape vine was heavy with bunches of fruit.
Only nature could deliver this kind of perfect decor. Upon entering the farm store we were drawn towards a table in the center of the store. It was covered with what seemed like hundreds of peach pits and perched on top of these were a few of the menus from the farm dinners that Chef John Ash attends as a guest chef each year mid summer. If you go to the Sullivan’s web site it mentions that after canning so many jars of peaches and making so much peach jam they have collected thousands of peach pits, probably more. The table was a work of art…A Peach Pit Mosaic!
The lovely girl working at the stand showed us the white and yellow peaches that were for sale. She did not have a favorite saying that they were all good. She works here in the late summer while staying with her grandmother who lives on the ridge of the Dry Creek Valley. Then she travels back to Berkeley, where she lives.

As this was our first visit to the farm, definitely not our last, I asked whether the peaches would be good for cooking. She replied, “If I was patient.” In the moment I was not exactly sure what she meant by that. We wished her a good day and as we were about to leave she said, “Please go ahead and pick a bunch of grapes off the vine outside as we cannot eat them all.” So we chose a bunch, picked them and off we went.

Feeling very good about our first visit to Dry Creek Peach and Produce. I do hope on the next visit to meet the Sullivan’s. Before departing the farm we did take a few pictures of the beautiful orchard. The pictures really do not do justice to the beauty of the orchard. If you have the opportunity to visit the farm, you will not regret it.
When we arrived home in Santa Rosa and cut into one of the beautiful peaches for our afternoons snack, all of the sudden the words “if you are patient” had a whole new meaning. She meant clearly if we had any peaches left by the time I got to making my recipe that I had in mind.

The peach was the juiciest, sweetest and most gloriously perfumed piece of fruit that may ever have passed over my palate. The next day my husband took one with him to work, when he returned in the evening he too declared that it was the best peach that he had ever eaten.

Check back in tomorrow and I will give you the recipe for the peach crisp we made. Pate Sucre crust, fresh peaches and an oatmeal crumble topping with a hint of cinnamon served with fresh Straus Family Creamery whipped cream…yum… 

The farm stand is open July through Labor Day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12 -5.
Healdsburg Certified Farmers Market on Wednesday and Saturday
Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmer’s Market Saturday AM
2179 Yoakim Bridge Road  Healdsburg, CA 95448

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