Laguna Farm – Sebastopol

Serendipity…is the word that keeps coming to mind as I think about Laguna Farm. I have always wanted to be a member of a  Community Shared (or Supported) Agriculture group. I am not sure when I first learned about a CSA…but I do remember living in Los Angeles and trying to find a one in our area, much more of a challenge that in Sonoma County…but not impossible. A couple of months ago my friend, Natalie, sent me an invite to go to a farm festival out in Sebastopol at Laguna Farm. I checked out the website and signed up to be a member of their CSA before I had even visited the farm. It just felt right. 

We have been getting our weekly basket each Thursday for about two months now. This seemingly small change in our world has been a positive and powerful shift in our lives. We are eating exponentially more vegetables. I am juicing every day with healthy carrots, celery, kale, beets, parsley and cucumbers. My boys sit at the dinner table waving their corn cobs around saying “Farm Fresh Mama!” We get to visit a farm each week. All this and the unfolding in me to choose to follow my heart, which has led me to this path of writing about the Farms and Farmers of Sonoma County. Inspiring me to create new delicious recipes from the seasonal bounty that they are harvesting.

My husband grew up in England north of London in a small town called St. Albans. Some of his best memories are of his mother sending him down the lane to buy some vegetables from the village farmer. He remembers his mother sending him back to the farm stand on more than one occasion with dirt covered potatoes. The message he was sent to convey was that she was not paying extra for dirt. He has taste and smell memories from those vegetables that his mother lovingly prepared and served to the family. I want my children to remember going to a farm every week, to be excited to see the bunnies and chickens…and ELF…the very cute but shy little doggie.

We have been graciously welcomed into the Laguna community by Jennifer and Nacho, they own and work the farm. We are truly lucky to have met them. As a part of the CSA you pay $18 per week and can pick up your box on either Tuesday or Thursday. Please visit their site for a lot more information. 

I am slightly camera challenged at he moment. The universe has gunked up all my photographic wheels. I am posting beautiful farm and garden pictures. I will post my vegetables pictures soon….keep checking in. I also want to tell you more of Laguna Farm’s story…it is a good one! 

1764 Cooper Road  Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 823-0823

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